How to get success as a software developer

Many times I tried to find some tips on how to get success in the software industry as a developer. I found few of them and thought to share;

  1. One should have Passion in creating something interesting which can make our life easy. With out this the world would not have come to this stage. Every development in the world in somehow related to technology and one should have passion to make something interesting.
  2. One should be dedicated to learn new things which can be implemented in real life.
  3. Sharing is caring. When you share your ideas with other similar people, you might get to accomplish something faster. Moving ahead will be easy with a team.
  4. Be excited to reach to a level and live the life with that in mind even before you have that. Then you will feel the need of it.
  5. Teach things to people, it helps you learn faster. When you teach, you know what are missing in your thinking process. People will fill in those gaps.
  6. Try to finish what is being started.
  7. Stay away from distractions.
  8. Be patient until you receive a response from prospective customers.
  9. Improve your communication skill so that you express your idea to get help.
  10. Keep doing things. Stop Never.