Karma unit test case environment setup for jasmine

How to install the Node project for jasmine and build system using grunt

  1. Install nodejs from https://nodejs.org/en/download/
  2. Install Ruby from https://rubyinstaller.org/
  3. Time to download the latest project with package.json file
  4. Once you have the updated project, `start ruby with command prompt`
  5. Locate to the folder where the project is being kept on your drive
  6. Start typing `npm install` in the command prompt (It will take some time to install all required packages to be installed)
  7. Type `grunt` in the command prompt which will listen to changes made to SCSS files and build the CSS distribution file
  8. Need to add build code for JavaScript files.
  9. Added node modules folder in .gitignore file
  10. Install karma globally `npm install -g karma-cli` `npm install –g karma` and `npm install -g jasmine-cli`   `npm install -g jasmine`  `npm install karma-jasmine –save-dev` Now you have Karma test runner and Jasmine test suit.
  11. ` karma start karma.conf.js` to start running test cases