What is permanent in this world?

The only permanent thing in this world is change. Except this nothing else is permanent.

Change starts from day one in one’s life. It is with you for ever.

Some changes are good. Some are bad.
But it depends on your hard work and approach towards the change.

As per horoscope, the planetary motions affect our change in life. But what I saw is one can change the bad time into the better one by hard work and commitment. If something is bothering you a lot do put more effort into it during the difficult situations. By that you can definitely achieve some good result even in the adverse time periods.

Believe in one thing, hard work always pays off even in bad situations.


How about an application which suggest where more plantation is needed

Hello World,

Once I got an idea about making an app which can suggest the parts of the city, region, ares which need more plantation. The source for the nearest possible water body to make the plants grow properly.

The data must be shared with one of the Government agency who will analyse the temperature of a particular area and the type of plantation suitable in that area based on water resource availability.

Many times we plant trees which does not produce food items and just for clean air. Once I suggested to plant a fruit tree which will be beneficial for air as well it can produce some food for someone in need. People laughed at me and said if they plant a fruit tree, kids will throw stones and they will suffer from damages.

We eat fruits and throw the seeds. Why not plant them and grow a tree out of it.