Hello There,

This is Mr. Satyanarayan Mishra an IT professional with a full time MBA qualification. I have explored few UI technologies and developed single page applications, smart phone applications, IOS and android hybrid applications, games and much more.

During my free time, I explore the areas of game development and UI technologies. This is the way I keep myself up to date with the current trends in the market. I am looking to start my career in the next phase in the fields of Technical Architect UI or Technical Manager UI with a 100% coding and architectural activities.

Qualities I possess:

  1. Conceptualize and drive innovative solutions.
  2. Create the blueprint of the product from a concept and iterate through different phases to make it development ready.
  3. Have hands-on development who delivers along with the team.
  4. Act as a coach, mentor and lead for technical team as well as a go to person for the management.
  5. Work with management in understanding business needs and propose solutions.
  6. Closely work with engineers and architect to complete projects on schedule.
  7. Adhere to engineering processes such as code reviews, source control, unit testing, use case analysis, defect management and other best practices.
  8. Maintain an ongoing awareness of emerging trends and developments in technology that could impact the product and organization.
  9. Provide technical leadership in application architecture and design teams.
  10. Follow agile and scrum based development process.



  1. Understanding the requirement in detail and coming up with the SPA architecture
  2. Figuring out different approaches and explaining the same to the team to achieve the output
  3. Instant ideation on a particular area for implementation
  4. Coming up with the list of items need to be displayed on each module
  5. Generating and dictating the user flow for the project
  6. JSON object contract creation for Front End and Back End
  7. Listing out the list of API requirements and communicating with the Back End team to get API details
  8. Feature brainstorming with the team
  9. Updating the QA team on all the feature test case preparation and implementation
  10. Wireframe screens generation for each page and flow
  11. Creating the Flow Diagram to guide the user for user journey
  12. Understanding user flow with respect to front end development and start planning the development
  13. Understanding the cross browser limitations with the server and different components of the project
  14. Coming up with Angular Js project structure like how should be the Model, Which controllers I need, how and when the view updates, what happens when view updates, etc.
  15. Coming up with the implementation of a particular feature which supports future enhancements
  16. Coming up with the tasks for UI team, assigning the tasks and guiding them on how to achieve it
  17. Explaining the approach for implementation (Changing the approach for enhancement)
  18. Helping the UI team in resolving issues and broken code, reviewing the code, shoulder testing
  19. Handling the local storage object for multiple pages
  20. Coming up with the state manager for different sub sessions in the application